Mission Statement

By providing relevant referral marketing instruction, continuous support and compassionate consulting to develop a unified personal network, the Referral Institute creates communities of like minded, successful entrepreneurs who generate amazing business and aspire to a spectacular life!

Referral Institute

Referral Institute Cincinnati/NKY Vision


The Referral Institute of Cincinnati & NKY is known for helping our clients discover or rediscover the true reason why they are in business, help them to identify their network, refine their referral partners and place both their referral partners and themselves on a path of exponential business growth. 

We work as a cohesive team of certified trainers who put the interest of our community first.  The team provides expertise in referral marketing compiled with a passion for the clients’ success.  We work together, laugh together and we get better together.

Our administrative team is accurate, responsive and puts our clients first to help them along in their success.

Our clients are the future business leaders.  They are life-long learners who are coachable and are highly inspired but understand they have room to grow both  intellectually and financially. They understand they must invest both time and money in order to live the life they want to live.

We give back to the community by showing them a more rewarding way to do business, one of support not sales, one of strategy not solicitation.

When this happens we will get to speak to large audiences, relax at our lake homes and travel through Europe.